June 6, 2020

The Difference is in the Details


You may think that all swing set manufacturers are the same, and that there isn’t much difference between them. However, there is a big difference in the quality of product manufacturing, design structure and hardware materials that go into making a good playset. All of these factors contribute to making Playnation the best and safest swing sets for your children! For Playnation, the difference is in the details, and the details make the difference!

Here are a few of the details that make Playnation swing sets the better choice in play sets:


  Plastic Safety-Coated Chains

As a child, you may remember the old-fashioned swing chains that used to pinch your fingers as you held on. Maybe you can also recall getting your hair pulled as it got caught between chain links.

To fix this problem, Playnation uses a safe plastic coating called Plastisol that each swing chain is dipped into. As the Plastisol dries, it coats the swing chain and covers it, while still allowing movement of the chain. The Plastisol coating inhibits small fingers from being caught between the links, and it won’t grab hair.

Plastic Safety-Coated Chains


Some manufacturers are still using bare chain links in their swings, and this is a hazard on a swing set. Make sure that before you purchase a swing set, that you only buy the kind with the safe Plastisol protectant over the chains.


Blow-Molded Designs

There are a lot of benefits to a product with a blow-molded design. Blow-molding allows for specific products to be made with a fixed mold. This process creates a smooth finish and seamless design. Boats and kayaks are made this way, so that they remain lightweight and smooth. The Playnation Wiki Wave slide is also made with this blow-mold process.  

The Blow-Molded Wiki Wave Slide


The blow-molded design gives it a consistent thickness all the way through, with strong edges and rounded corners. The blow-molded Wiki Wave slide doesn’t need weld lines or joints to be strong. It is finished as one seamless piece. Since there are no joints, it is a stress-free piece with equal weight distributed throughout its body. The end result is a blow-molded design with no material waste in production. It is finished as a lightweight, smooth Wiki Wave slide!


Pre-Sanded and Pre-Drilled Lumber

The lumber we use is pre-sanded to save you time and effort when building. It is sent through an automatic sander twice, to insure a smooth piece of wood.  Playnation also pre-drills the main beams so that you don’t have to. Playnation tries to make the build process as easy as they can so that you can assemble it quicker and enjoy it sooner!

 Commercial Grade Hardware

Heavy-Duty Hardware

Playnation uses commercial grade, electro-galvanized hardware to add an extra safety feature to its swing sets. The heavy-duty hardware pieces can support extra weight and have a longer use expectancy. With the electro-galvanized process, it prevents corrosion to the fasteners.

The playset designs call for the iron swing hangers are bolted all the way through the swing beam for extra safety, and nails are never used in our playsets.




Recessed Bolts

Playnation uses recessed bolts and locking carriage bolts in their playset design. Recessed bolts go deeper into the wood, so that they don’t catch on a child’s clothing or scratch their skin. Even though the bolts are recessed, Playnation still caps them off with plastic bolt covers to insure your child’s safety.

Recessed bolts with protective cap


Ready-To-Build Swing Set Kits

Playnation pioneered the idea of a ready-made swing set in a box. Each swing set is an easy to build kit that has all of the pre-work done for you. Each piece has been pre-cut, pre-sanded and pre-stained so that you don’t have to! Even if you choose not to build the swing set yourself, this process makes it easier on the builder and it can be built in a day!

Playnation can assist customers that want to have it built for them, by directing them to their swing set builders list. By going to the Playnation website and clicking on their state, customers can find a builder in their area that will come to their home and build it for them.


Better Instruction Booklets with Pictures and Diagrams

Playnation’s instruction booklets have full-size pictures, diagrams and measurements right on the page to help you along the way. They wanted to make the building process as simple as possible so that you could enjoy the completed swing set along with your family!

Playnation’s Clear Instruction Sheets!


A Few Customer Comments:

“The swing set directions were incredibly easy to follow!” J. Kenney,  Farmingdale, NJ

“Good directions! Easy to assemble by ourselves.” C. Howard,  Forney, TX

“A great quality playset! We just love it!” J. Frenneveb,  Houston, TX