March 31, 2020

More Exciting Play Features!


Tons of Ways to Have Fun on a Playset!

When you are looking for a new playset for your children, you want to be sure to get their favorite play features. Each child will have different things that they like the most, and it can change over the years, as they grow. If a young child likes the sandbox now, they may prefer the slide when they get older. With this in mind, you will want to try to get a swing set that has everything they could want. Small accessories are fine when they are young, but they will want the larger swing set options as they get taller.

Gorilla Playsets have some of the best play features! Their wooden playsets have fun play time options like rock climbing walls, rope ladders, clatter bridges, tube slides, wave slides, glider swings, tire swings and covered play decks! Kids enjoy rattling the clatter bridge as they run across it, and sliding in a tube slide that’s like a tunnel!

Playnation Playsets also have amazing play features that kids love to play on. Their special tire swing swivel hardware allows a tire swing to spin, sway and swing. It moves in 360 degrees and is totally enclosed all the way around. Kids can spin their friends or swing by themselves! Playnation and Gorilla Playsets carry safe belt-style swings, that hold a child in place as they swing. They also offer safety-coated swing chains to protect small fingers and hair from getting caught between the links. Their Wiki Wave slide has high walls to protect the child as they slide, and is a one-piece, seamless design.

Make sure you get your child’s favorte playtime features and accessories so that your family can enjoy playing together!