March 31, 2020

Playnation’s Exclusive Timbershield™ Protects Main Swing Beams


Playnation has been in business for almost two decades, and has learned alot about making great quality swing sets in the process. One great feature of the Playnation brand of swing sets is the Timbershield™ poly-coating that covers the main beams of many of their playsets.

Timbershield is the GREEN covering on the main beams!

 The Timbershield™ covering is a thick overlay that protects the main beams of the swing set from the weather and from direct sunlight. By wrapping the wood in this protectant, it ensures a longer-lasting playset!


The Timbershield™ is smooth to the touch and solid green in color. It is wrapped over the swing beams from top to bottom, continuing all the way to the ground.


Playnation’s patented A-frame bracket goes on top of the Timbershield, and it creates an attractive look in the matching green color!Playnation’s playsets are the most attactive swing sets in Amber or Redwood finish, with the green Timbershield as a contrast. Each playset looks great in your yard with the natural brown and green colors! With all of the fun play features on a Playnation playset, you can’t go wrong in choosing a Playnation swingset!