June 6, 2020

Christmas Gifts That Encourage Play!


Every parent wants their child to be happy and healthy. It is the common thread that all parents have in common. No matter how old your child is, what gender they are, and what culture you are from, we all desire those qualities in our child.

This year, I wanted to make sure I sent the right message to my kids, by buying them a Chrsitmas gift that would provide enjoyment and keep them active. I didn’t want them sitting in front of the tv for hours without moving, and I didn’t want them playing computer or video games for long hours, either. I wanted to give them a gift that would show them the way to live a healthy, active lifestyle.

These are some of the gift ideas that I suggest, to encourage kid’s health, happiness and active life!


Disk Swing

Disc Swing

1. The Disc swing is a fun swing that kids can sit and spin on. It’s easy to use and really simple to put up! The disc swing is a great gift idea!


   2. The Punching Ball is a fun toy that kids love to play with! Hang it on the playset or other place where kids can use their energy and exercise.




3. The Tire Swing is a favorite swing with kids of all ages. Tire swings of today are totally enclosed all the way around, and have the ability to swing front to back and side to side. If you get a tire swing swivel part from Gorilla Playsets, it will also spin! 

A Tire Swing!

     4. The See-Saw is a great activity that two kids can enjoy together! The see-saw is a classic playtime activity that will provide hours of fun!

Give your kids the gift of an active life! Try giving play accesories for outdoor, family fun!