February 22, 2019

Simple Instructions Make Building Playsets Easier!


A customer, named Martha D., wrote us telling us about the experience she had with Gorilla Playsets. Martha’s experience is true, and her words are untouched. Here are Martha’s comments about Gorilla Playsets:

“I recently bought the Outing III playset for my grandchildren. I assembled 90% of this playset by myself, only asking my husband to help me when I could not reach a tall height or when the beams were too heavy for me, by myself. I am a 63 year old woman who found this swing set to be easy to assemble, with clear building instructions. It wasn’t too difficult, not even for a grandma!

The swing set set is beautiful. The Grandchildren are coming over to see it tomorrow, and I can’t wait!”

Thanks to Martha for sending that to us! I know your grandchildren will enjoy their new playset!