January 23, 2019

Free Coloring Pages for Your Kids!


Here are some free coloring pages to keep your kids busy if  you go out for a long car ride or have to wait in line at a restaurant. I always keep a “busy box” in the car with me so that my kids have stuff to do while we wait (after all, waiting is part of life, much to my kid’s dismay).

The Busy Box is filled with crayons, paper and small toys to keep them occupied.  All of those small toys from kids meals, pocket size collectables and other items that fit into the container fill up the busy box in the car. It is a real life-saver sometimes, if we get stuck in traffic!

If your kids color some of these pages, feel free to send it over to: celeste@playnation.com and we can post it on Playnation’s Facebook page!  (We won’t use their full name)

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Go through the maze!

Color the Pirate!

Color the Playset!