January 23, 2019

New Product: The Solar Spotlight!


The solar spotlight uses super-bright LED bulbs for shining light in the nightime hours! Its solar panel is at the top, and it charges by the sunlight. It immediately comes on when it senses the dark. The solar spotlight can shine through 8-10 hours of darkness. It is a motion-detection light!

The spotlight can be used to provide a light source where there are steps, sidewalks, play areas, or steep ground. Place it anywhere that you feel you need an added light source for safety.

An additional benefit to the solar light, is the blinking red indicator light. This light also works by the solar panel, and adds a sense of security. It comes on when it senses motion.

The solar light can be easily mounted with the screws (included) on to a wooden board, or you can use the ground stake (included)  for easy installation into any grassy area. It is ready to use after just a few hours of sun!

Solar lights save time, money and energy! The brightest solar bulbs are the LED lights. Check out the new solar spotlight! http://www.gorillaplaysets.com/product-p/09-2000.htm