January 23, 2019

Summer Clearance Sales! What Items to Buy Off-Season


Seasonal Sale Items to Stock Up On Now!

The end of the season is rapidly approaching, and retailers are gearing up for big sales. Summer inventory has already been slashed by 20 percent in August, and by September, it can be as much as 75 percent off. Putting things away for a few months can give you a big advantage and save you lots of money for next year. If you live in a warmer climate, you can even use a lot of these items now.

Here are some ideas on what to look for if you want some great summer deals!

Outdoor Toys:

The PlayZeBo, by Gorilla Playsets

Fun outdoor toys associated with summer time, like water guns, backyard games and more can be found at deep discounts at the back of Target or Kmart’s toy section. Be sure to look at the end of the isles for discounted merchandise whenever you go there.

 I even stock up on kids birthday gifts at this time, and put them back for later. Last year I gave my nephew a huge water gun that cost me only 4.79, marked down from 20.00. I found this deal at Target.

Swing sets: Great off-season deals can be found at online swing set retailers like Playnation and Gorilla Playsets. If you were waiting for prices to come down before you bought one for the family, be sure to compare prices during these seasonal mark downs. You can get a large swing set for hundreds of dollars off, just for buying off-season. In addition to this benefit, if you need assistance, the customer service reps aren’t too busy to help you over the phone, since they aren’t very busy right now.

Big box stores like Costco or ToysRus, will also discount their sets in store, however, be sure to check out the manufacturer and consider buying direct for better prices.

Outdoor Furniture: Does your patio or porch need to be updated for next year? Check out the sale prices on outdoor furniture and lawn furniture during the fall. These sets can be 50-75 percent off of regular retail prices. You can possibly get that beautiful set you always dreamed of for half price! I recently bought a backyard swing at Kmart for just 50 dollars, and it was marked down from 179.


Lexington Bar Set, by Tortuga Outdoor Furniture


I found some online retailers that have beautiful outdoor furniture, such as http://www.totalbackyard.com  and Tortuga Outdoor.  Look for lower prices this season on the items you want to add to your outdoor space.





Solar Lights: Solar lights are always in season, and you can use them year-round. They save money and they are a quick install, so I love using them. I recently bought some beautiful all-metal solar lights for just 2.50 each, at Target. Lowes and Kmart also had them on sale, but I liked the look of the ones at Target. They were all about 30-40 percent regular price.

If you haven’t bought solar lights yet, you will love the look they add to your sidewalk or back yard. At just 2.50 each, they are totally worth it.

Plants and Shrubs: I love looking for great sale items, and I always look at the plants when I go to Lowes, Home Depot or Walmart. I have seen that Lowes has the best mark-downs on plants. Home Depot, Walmart and Lowes all have a section of clearance plants near the back. I found a very large Japanese potted plant that was root-bound, for just 4.99. This had been 30 dollars at full price, at Lowes. For the avid gardener, you may even find a great deal on a greenhouse this time of year!

School Supplies: Target, Kmart and Walmart will all have close out school supplies at this time of year. Last week, I needed a large amount of crayons for a church charity event, so I called around to check prices. Target had them for 33 cents and provided me a whole box of them! Walmart also had notebooks on sale for just 10 cents! I don’t even know how they can make it that cheap, so I bought several and put them up for later.

Summer Clothing: Look for great deals on summer tank tops, skirts, shorts and bathing suits. Big clothing stores like Macy’s will have coupons in the paper that will let you save an additional 15 percent on any purchase, allowing you to get about 50 percent off. Kohl’s and Old Navy run sales that let you get cash back for a future shopping date. Even the web will have clothing mark-downs, you just have to know what you are looking for, and be specific in in your search.

Pool Supplies: A public pool typically closes after Labor Day weekend, so the retailers know to discount any pool supplies after this holiday. They don’t have the shelf space to keep it when Halloween is right around the corner. In warmer climates, you can continue to use pool supplies for about 4-6 more weeks, so it pays to stock up now. Pool chemicals have a long shelf life, so you can buy them in bulk and save them for next year. Large retailers and small independent stores will discount pool supplies at this time, so get them before they are gone.

Keep your eye out for seasonal sales and save a bundle! Mark-downs can be put away until next year or used now. If you know you’re going to need it, just make the purchase now, and save.