January 23, 2019

Host An Outdoor Back-To-School Kids Party!


Going back to school isn’t as much for the kids as it is for us parents. My kids won’t even let me bring up the subject or even talk about it. They simply dread all the home work and pressure that a new school year brings.

This year, the morning before school started, I brought up the subject of having a party at our house with their new friends. I was trying to ease their worry and allow them to look forward to something. The idea definately lightened the mood a little!

After some planning, they each invited 2 guests to the house. Since we bought a new outdoor playset this year, they had more to do with their friends at the party. We used the playset picnic table to have snacks on, put some toys in the toybox, and let them have a good time.

If you are looking for a way to add some new excitement at your house or even turn those sad school kids into happy ones, just consider a swing set! A wooden playset lets them burn off some energy and get back into the “happy zone”. You just can’t be sad on a new swing set!

Party on the Playset! Use that picnic table to keep the mess OUTSIDE : )

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