January 23, 2019

New Accessories for A Backyard Playset!


Having a play set in the backyard is a great asset, when you have young children. Being able to have a swing set for them to play on is such a relief on days when you need the kids to run off some energy outdoors, and not in the house.

If you have had your swing set for a while, the kids won’t be as excited to go out and play in it as they were when it was new. Consider adding some small accessories to your swing set to make it “like new” again.

Here are a few accessories that you can use as add-ons to a swing set or as new additions to your set. New play items make it fun for the kids by creating new role play experiences with imaginary games.

1.Steering Wheel or a Large Ships Wheel: These are easy to add to most any swingset, and they certainly add the fun. Kids can pretend to be a ship’s captain, an explorer, a pirate or more with this wheel. Watching your children come up with scenes to act out is even fun for you! The steering wheel just needs one bolt to attach it to the set, so it couldn’t be easier.

2.Punching Bag: Boys really love the punching bag. It is a popular accessory that gives them a way to use up some of that energy. It is softer than a gym’s punching bag, yet more durable for the outdoors with a marine-grade vinyl encasement material. It hangs by one piece of hardware and is easy to install.

3.Buoy Ball on a Trapeze Bar: The buoy ball is an interesting playset accessory that kids are drawn to. It’s a large, brightly colored ball, attached to the trapeze bar, and it looks so inviting! They can sit on it, swing on it, punch it, kick it and have fun playing with this fun swing set accessory. Since it is attached to the trapeze bar, they can use it in addition to the hand rings and long bar. It also just unhooks when you are done with it.

The Glider swing seat 2 kids!

4.Glider Swing: A glider swing is a re-styled swing that seats two children, back to back. It swings front to back and “glides” through the air. Children love a glider swing because it is different feeling than a regular swing, and somewhat uncommon. If you have a swingset that can hold a glider, consider getting one of these to update it. They are a great accessory to have if you have young children. 

5.Babysitter Swing: This is an adult-sized swing that let’s mom or dad have a seat to sit on, while you’re outside with your kids watching them play. It is much more comfortable than the belt style swings on a grown-ups back side. On this swing, you can sit on it with the baby in your lap, or have extra room for them to be sitting beside you. A very nice addition to a playset. It uses a regular swing attachment.

6.Tire swing: This new design of a tire swing is better in so many ways compared to the old tires of our youth that dad put on a tree limb. These hang from a swing arm on a play set (one can be added, if you don’t have extra room) or they can be free-standing on an A-frame.  They are enclosed tires all the way around, so that they don’t take on water or debris, or make a mess of your clothes. With no stinky rubber odor, and no black residue, this is a great option for playset additions.

These tire swings won't hold water & have no black residue.

7.See-Saw: The modern see saw now comes in wood, instead of metal. Forget about those old rusty ones of thirty years ago. These are re-made to be easy to put together, won’t rust like metal, won’t take on water, and won’t pinch fingers. It is a free-standing accessory, so most any yard has the space for it. Kids love the see saw with the up and down motion. It makes you feel like you’re flying.

8.Spring Riders, Ride Toy: The spring rider line of toys is something that you used to see only at day cares or state-owned playgrounds. Now, you can own them for your own backyard. Enjoy the bouncy horse, the Dino rider or the Super Scooter. Kids can bounce up and down or swing it front to back. Recommended for ages 3-9. These toys are a lot of bouncy fun for young children.

9.Disc Swing: You may remember a version of this as a kid, but today’s disc swing is so much more sturdy and versatile. It is shaped like a circle, made from hard polyethylene, and comes with a rope. You can sit or stand on it. Just attach it to your playset for high-flying fun for the older kids.

10.Playset Telephone: This is a play phone that has drilled holes in the back that attach it to the wood on the swing set. Each number will “Ring” when you press it. Children use it for role-play games or imaginary fun. It’s an easy and affordable accessory.

Updating a swing set can add new life and more fun to the set that you have. Consider givng it an accessory make-over, instead of replacing it.

Check out these swing set manufacturers for great deals and cool accessories:

The Playset Telephone! It rings when you press the buttons, no batteries needed!

You can buy these swingsets in a ready-made kit, or customize them. http://playnation.com

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