January 23, 2019

Summer Safety Tips


Every season of the year has its own safety rules, as every season brings weather concerns and risks along with it. Summer is no different, and there are several seasonal challenges of the summer season. Here are a few reminders of what to be prepared for during the summer.

1. Always Apply Sunscreen: Teach your children that sunscreen is important, and that they need to take the time to do it. Fair skinned people are at greater danger of sunburn, because they have less melanin in their skin as a natural protection from the sun’s rays, however, sunburn can also affect dark skinned people too. The sun’s rays can cause 1st or 2nd degree burns! A first degree burn on the skin will look red and be hot to the touch, but a second degree burn on the skin can cause a fever and blisters on the skin. The blisters can leave scars or get infected after they have popped, so it’s so important to remember the sunscreen! Avoid the problems, and allow 15 minutes for it to soak into the skin before you go outside.


2. Remember Pool and Water Safety: For younger child ren, always keep watch over them while around water and pools, never leaving them for a moment! Even if your child can swim, it is important to be at the pool in case of an emergency. Teaching children not to panic when in the water is important, and showing them how to “float” safely will keep them calm. A child can drown in just a few feet of water, so never leave them alone, or with another child. Before heading out to the pool, remember to take water or energy drinks, some small snacks, sunscreen and towels. Swimming really makes the kids hungry and thirsty.

3. Playground Safety: One of the kid’s favorite activities is going outside to play on the backyard playset or to the park. There are a few rules you need to remember on an outdoor playground.

  • Do not climb on the equipment when it is wet, so that you don’t slip or fall.
  • Do not wear loose fitted shoes or clothing, and no clothes with ties or long ribbons that can get caught in the swings or climbing gyms.
  • Do not allow kids to push empty swings, so that no one gets hurt by moving play equipment.
  • Make sure you inspect the ground for tripping hazards, like rocks or tree roots.
  • Check wooden sets for splinters.
  • Do not leave children un-attended.
  • Don’t let children jump off of the equipment when it’s still moving.

Play Protector Safety Mats go underneath the swings and slides.

 Play Protector mats go underneath swings & slides

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 If you are planning to buy your own swingset for your backyard, look for safety features such as flat ladder steps, thick climbing ropes, pre-sanded wooden beams, and heavy-duty hardware. Http://www.playnation.com has many of these features and more on their swong sets.

For swings and accessories, choose the swing chains that have a plastisol covering to protect hands and fingers, such as the ones at http://www.gorillaplaysets.com. This prevents the chains from pulling hair and pinching fingers.

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4. Stay Safe from Outdoor Bugs and Animals: In the summertime, there are lots of outdoor bugs and animals that you need to be aware of. Carrying mosquito spray and bug spray with DEET will help ward off the flying insects and chiggers, known to make you itch.

Bugs to be aware of in the woods: Ticks
If you spend time in the woods, remember to check for ticks that could have landed on a child’s head or neck area. To remove a tick, get tweezers next to the skin, and pull the head of the tick straight up. DO NOT twist or turn. The tick will let go if you pull up from the head.

Animals to be Aware of: Snakes
Watch out for snakes that could be in the bushes or under logs if you go camping. If anyone gets bitten by a snake, remember the rule of safety: If the snake bite leaves a “U” shaped bite mark, then YOU will be okay! If the snake leaves only 2 bite marks (fang marks) that are an inch or more apart, then you need to seek help. Remember to make a mental note of what the snake looks like, so that you can tell the hospital if you need to. Don’t panic if a snake bites, just remember the rule and seek care if needed.