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April 20, 2014

Summer Fun Ideas for Kids at Home


My kids recently got out of school for the summer, and wouldn’t you know that the VERY NEXT DAY I heard my youngest son say to me “Mom, I’m bored!” This makes me very upset. I feel like I have become the “activity director” for the summer.

I don’t get it. They want to get out of school, and complain about it all year long, then they are out for ONE day- and they don’t now what to do!? So, I know other people out there have the same issues, so I am here to help you too.

In order to save my sanity, I need a variety of activities to entertain them with. However, I don’t want to break the bank, either. So, here are my ideas for summer fun with the kids!

Have a picnic!

1. Have a picnic. There is just something fun about eating outside with the kids. They really enjoy it, and it gets them outside too! If you have a picnic table you can use that, or if you just want to spread out a blanket on the grass, just go outside and enjoy the weather together!

2. Go to the Library together. Let the kids pick out some books that they want to read, and then later have them tell you all about it. Remind them that the library has color sheets, puzzles, movies and fun things to look at too. They will like if after they get there.
3. Hide small toys in a sandbox, and play in the sand. You may already have a sandbox on your playset, or you can go to the local park. Just mark off the area where you hid the toys, and then let them find them. It’s like digging for treasure for young children!

Hide toys in the sandbox

4. Have a scavenger hunt in the backyard (or in the house). This is one of my favorite memories from being a kid. I loved to do this. Make a list of items to find, and the first one (or team) to collect all of the items is the winner.
Here is a list of the things you can collect for an outdoor scavenger hunt:
A small pebble
A large leaf
A shiny stone
A rolly-polly
A caterpillar or a worm
A 4 leaf clover
A Pinecone
A flower
A piece of bark
A small stick
5. Play at a new park. Look around on the internet for a new park in your area, or a big onethat you may not have gone to yet. Maybe there is a nice playground in the next town, or maybe you haven’t been to the playgrounds in a while. Get out an enjoy the fresh air!

Stayed at the local park until the sun went down!

6. Do some science experiments together. There are countless fun and easy science experiments that you can do that will amaze your kids and be a learning experience too. See if you can try these at home, and amaze your audience (you know, the kiddos)!  
Egg in Vinegar: Submerge the egg (s) in vinegar for 10-12 hours. They can watch it fizz as soon as you put the egg in. The vinegar will clean the skin off of the egg, leaving it as a “gel ball”. Dust off the white powder, and roll it around on a towel. It’s fun to let the kids handle it, but be careful. The vinegard just leaves the thin membrane in tact to hold the yolk together.
Baking Soda, Food Coloring and Hydrogen Peroxide: These ingredients is how you can “make” a volcano. It’s really easy! Just place the baking soda in a bottle with a funnel, put in a little food coloring (for fun), then pour in the peroxide. It just bubbles over and is harmless to touch. Kids love the bubbles and the fizz.
Ivory Soap in the Microwave: This will only cost you about .39 cents and it’s quick and easy. Cut the Ivory soap bar into 3 pieces. Place 1 piece on a paper towel in the microwave. “Cook” the soap for about one minute. Watch through the window at how it snakes apart and foams up. Take it out of the microwave when it stops growing, and you can play with it after it cools. The best part of this trick is that everything stays clean!
7.  Make up New Games. Take out some assorted sporting goods and have the kids make up their own game. With a bat, a ball, roller skates, tennis balls, or rackets, watch them create some brand new fun in the backyard! This is fun to watch as they dream up the next lawn game.
8. Play Outside with the Kids!  Get a playset or use the swing set that you have for some new fun and memories. Slide down the slide with them and push them on the swings. Check out the great sets at http://www.gorillaplaysets.com and the sale items on http://www.playnation.com

Play outside together!