January 23, 2019

Safety Tips for the Game of Airsoft


Airsoft Safety Tips

By Fernando Gordino www.commandairsoft.com

  • Never look into the barrel of a gun, big or small, real or not. Never look into the barrel.
  • Check the barrel for BB’s before you start a game and after you are finished playing. It’s easy to miss a BB in the chamber. Check it twice.
  • Keep your finger off of the trigger until you are ready to shoot. Your finger should rest at the side of the trigger, not against it.
  • Never shoot at anyone who is unaware and unprotected, and don’t shoot at any animals. Don’t plan to shoot in a public area that is not for the specific purpose of airsoft.
  • Never remove the orange tip from the gun, and don’t spray paint it. The best airsoft guns are 1:1 scaled replicas, and can get you arrested (or worse) if law enforcement thinks your gun is real.
  • Never carry your gun in public, outside of the gun bag or case. General bystanders won’t know the difference between a real gun and an airsoft gun, and you will cause lots of problems and possibly get yourself arrested. You can cause a panic by exposing it in public, or even leaving it in your car.
  • Don’t carry your airsoft gun in the backseat of your car. Some states have strict laws about airsoft guns and real weapon transport. If you get pulled over with your gun in the seat next to you, it will get you a lot more than a ticket.
  • Wear full head gear. Some kids want to play with just a mask over their eyes, but the best protection covers the entire face. Those BB’s can easily chip teeth and get in your nose and ears.
  • Wear good gloves to play airsoft. When you get in the hand with a few BB’s while playing, you are really gonna feel it, since you have so many nerves in your hand. When you get hit in the hand without gloves on, you also can’t hold the gun steady anymore.
  • Wear a good vest that protects you in the front and the back. Most of the vests are pretty good, but in the field, the more coverage you can get- the better.

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