March 31, 2020

Wooden Swing Sets Are Affordable!


Backyard Playsets Cost Less Than You Think

My family had wanted to purchase a wooden playset for the kids for several years. The two reasons I had not bought one already, was because of the price, and because I wasn’t sure we could build it ourselves.  However, prices have come down in the recent years, and wooden swingsets are truly affordable. Some of the manufacturers offer building service to your area, too!

When doing price research on wooden swing sets, I was surprised at just how low-priced they really were. The Journey Gorilla Playset was just $749.00, while the next size up, the Outing model, was just $949.00. You can pay by cash or debit or charge card, using what ever works for you.

I knew I could afford that after I saw the low prices, so I decided on the Journey swing set by Gorilla playsets.

You can get free-standing units like a 3 swing set or a tire swing and frame for around $500. If you have a small yard, that may be a good solution for you. Another choice could be one of the small yard accessories like a see-saw or a sandbox. Having play options outdoor for the kids is important for the children, as well as the parents.

There’s also an added option of having it built on your site for you, by requesting that service. Since we didn’t really have the time to build it, we paid for that service. It was a no-hassle decision.

The swing sets you buy now are in boxed sets and come all-inclusive with all accessories inside the box. I loved the quality lumber of the solid beams on the set and the warranty that they offer. Every part we needed to build it came in the box, and the main beams were pre-drilled. What a relief that was! The beams are so large, that the pre-drilled holes saved time and energy. After all was complete, it took just 6 hours to build. The man who built it was done at around 3pm.

It is a great looking playset, and came pre-stained in a gorgeous color. The wood had a 10 year warranty. I didn’t know any manufacturer could guarantee wood for so long. The color of stain was a reddish brown, and looked very nice.

The builder instruction manual was clear and easy to understand. It had full size illustrations and 3-D examples. It was very helpful.

The swing set has lots of accessories, with the 2 standard swings, wave slide, climbing wall and ladder, platform with canopy and a sandbox. With this model you also get a telescope, trapeze bar, picnic table, flag kit and safety handles.

If you are considering a playset, now is the time to get one.  Children need to play outside every day, and they will love having  a swingset in the backyard. With such easy delivery of the boxed sets, and such low prices, it’s a must have for families with children.

Here’s a direct link to the swing set options:

Another manufacturer with good ratings and options is:

If you haven’t looked at the newer models of outdoor swingsets for kids, lately, then check out . There are so many choices in models and accessories for the Gorilla Playsets. Right now, they are having a seasonal sale, so any set ships for $79, regardless of size or weight.