February 22, 2019



Playing Kendama is going to be the next big thing this year! It is really catching on with young teens and kids alike. There are groups who compete for prizes or trophies and challege each other to do the Kendama tricks with the point, stick or ball.

Here are some comments from a few novice players on the art of Kendama:

“It’s harder than it looks. If you aren’t patient with it, you won’t be able to do it. But, after you make it the first few times, you’re hooked.” T. Mason, Greenbay, WI. USA

“Mastering the Kendama is all about the cast. As much as fishing is about the cast of the line, Kendama is about the cast of the string and handle to get it to do what you want.” P. Dunn, Acworth, Ga. USA

“To get it right, you have to be good at predicting where the ball is going while it’s in the air.” F. Shaw, Birmingham, AL. USA

To see more, go to: http://www.mommakendama.com/




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