June 6, 2020

Clean Jokes for Kids

Need a good laugh? Sure you do! Share these with your kids or send them the link to some of the cleanest and funniest jokes around! Ideas for using jokes: Share them over the dinner table … [Read more...]

Christmas Funnies !

Christmas can get a bit hectic. There's always so much to do, so much to buy, so much to cook and so much to clean. It is a little exhausting. I found a few funny comments to help remind you of what a … [Read more...]

Raising Happy Children: The Big 3 Rules

Here is a great article about 3 important rules of raising children: http://wizzley.com/raising-a-happy-child/ Raising Great Children, Using 3 Rules The big 3 rules for raising happy, healthy … [Read more...]

Wicker Furniture VS. Resin Wicker Furniture: A Review of What’s Best

The Difference Between Regular Wicker and Resin-Wicker Furniture When you purchase a home, it’s nice to be able to decorate your back porch or patio with furniture that can sit outdoors, so you … [Read more...]

Gift Ideas for Your Parents

Here is a link to a great article for some ideas of what to get for your parents for … [Read more...]