June 6, 2020

Solar Lighting That’s Easy and Affordable!

This year, I wanted to try something new in my outdoor space. I needed some added light, since the trees were taking over in my yard. Also, since the Fall season had officially arrived, I simply … [Read more...]

What Do Kids Love About Playing On PLAYNATION Play sets?

animoto_video 1) Little 6 year old Brooke J. said “I like to swing. It feels like I’m flying, and I get that feeling in my stomach that feels like dancing butterflies.” Brooke smiled and … [Read more...]

Outdoor Halloween Party!

For Halloween, we hosted an outdoor party this year, for the kids and their friends. We let the kids come in full costume and play outside on the Playnation playset. (we got it from … [Read more...]

Why Outdoor Exercise is Important at Every Age

We all know that physical play and outdoor play is essential to the development of a child’s body and mind. There are many factors that help a child to grow and be healthy, and outside play is … [Read more...]

Just in Time for Fall…Outdoor HAMMOCKS

Don't you love the fall weather? The temperature is perfect and there is a breeze in the air. Lately, I have been taking my morning coffee outside and sitting on my back porch, just listening to the … [Read more...]

New Outdoor Play Area: PLAY-ZEE-BO

The new Play-Zee-Bo combines a sandbox and a small gazebo into one great play area for young children. The colorful top provides a great covering that allows them to play in the sand for … [Read more...]


Playing Kendama is going to be the next big thing this year! It is really catching on with young teens and kids alike. There are groups who compete for prizes or trophies and challege each other to do … [Read more...]

Backyard Playsets Cost Less Than You Think!

If you haven’t looked at the newer models of outdoor swingsets for kids, lately, then check out http://www.gorillaplaysets.com/ . There are so many choices in models and accessories for the … [Read more...]

Backyard Toys for the Kids

Do you remember playing on a see-saw when you were little? The see-saw is a playground toy you never find anymore. I’m not sure why, since they were so much fun to play on! Kids feel like they are … [Read more...]

GOING GREEN is Easy with Your Own Greenhouse!

With fall approaching, I knew I was going to miss my outside gardening time. I love planting flowers and growing my own vegetables. It’s a hobby I really enjoy. With this in mind, I was looking … [Read more...]